Planner with a lateral Grid


i'm trying to show the entire plan for a project with a gantt diagram.
I was searching for something that:

  • let me display various infos near the activity
  • Display the status of progress of the operation
  • Let the user to "modify easily with the mouse" duration, start, etc..
    Unfortunately, using a TChart is too simple and don't let me to add all the informations the user needs.

Searching in the web something that has the requested features, i've seen this example (made with excel) that is a simple but efficient view of the project.

The only difference from the TMSPlanner as i use it, is that there's something like the "position panel" (when the timeline is displayed horizontally) that is not a simple "Group + header", but a grid with other infos.

So, the question is: How can i reach a similar results using your tms components?

  • Build everything with just a TAdvStringGrid properly customized?
  • Perfectly sync a "lateral Grid" and a "planner" with the positions of the Planner perfectly aligned with the lateral activity grid rows border?
  • Or there's some other mode to reach the result just using a Planner?


You could build this with TAdvStringGrid but it will be a lot of work.
You could sync a TAdvStringGrid with a TPlanner
You could use the TPlanner.OnPlannerHeaderDraw() event to do custom drawing for the header cells, i.e. here in this case the 5 column panel left of the Planner.

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