Tracking Rentals


I need to show items for rent and when they are available and when they are reserved. What I want are items listed as rows, with the columns being days. I would like 2 header rows for the columns, the top one showing months and the second row being the day of the month. Something like

       January        February
       1 2 3 4 5 ...  1 2 3 ...
Item 1   X X X
Item 2                  X X
Item 3

I figure I can do it using a StringGrid but was thinking that the Planner component might do the trick. Can I achieve what I want to do with a planner component? I figure I need the monthview for the planner, but I can't figure out how to create the two rows for the date. I also can't figure out how to adjust the width of the display of the item names, some of them can be quite long.

Would I be better off to implement it using a StringGrid?

You can have a T(DB)Planner with a vertical resource axis. Sample 26 in the Planner's sample collection demonstrates this. You can have a time axis consisting of days when you set Planner.Mode.PlannerType = plDayPeriod. The display of dates in the time axis will be per timeslot. There is currently not a built-in setting to the name of the month over a grouped over the day slots.If this is a requirement, this could perhaps be done using custom time-axis drawing.

Thanks. I went with a string grid, seemed easier than rolling my own custom time-axis rendering.