Planner in pmMultiDay mode with incomplete week


it is possible to create a planner in pmMultiDay mode to show just only few days of the week ? (for example hide wednesday and sunday, so just show 5 days)
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Alexandre Boisramé

That's unfortunately not possible. The only mode that can only show a custom time line is the Custom mode. We will investigate the possibilities.

Does it mean that in Custom mode I could, by code, create my own timeline with the different hours of a day and show the days I want in a week in columns with resources ?

No, the view is not a week view, it's a per time view at the left side. There is currently no day/week view with custom times. The only thing that can be done to disable a full day in MultiDay mode is to implement the OnIsdateTimeDisabled and then return True for all the days/time stamps you wish to disable. This way, there is no interaction that can be done. The days will still be visible however.

It's already what I'm doing to disable the days I don't want in the week. But I lost space in my screen with empty days.

I would like something like : planner.positions[AIndex].visible := false or a event to set the "visible" property of a column.

It's possible in the VCL version of the planner ? I saw that the VCL version can easily print the planner and can work with Flexcel I also bought. The FNC version doesn't ..

Anyways, thank you for your answer.
Alexandre Boisramé

We'll investigate the possibilities for FNC to allow hiding specific columns from the view.

Thank you, it would be great
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