FNC Planner and Web core position format in day mode

Hi , i use FNC planner with web core.
I use a combobox to swap from daily view to week view , positions on week view are well display with format i have specified but day position says "position 0" where i expect to have date like in week view...
What am i doing wrong ?


  case cbMode.itemindex of
        Planner.mode := TTMSFNCPlannerMode.pmday;
        Planner.Positions.Count := 1;
        Planner.Positions.Format := 'dddd dd mmm';
        Planner.mode := pmMultiDay;
        Planner.Positions.Count := 7;
        Planner.Positions.Format := 'dddd dd mmm';

  Planner.TimeLine.DisplayUnit := 30;
  Planner.TimeLine.DisplayUnitType := pduMinute;
  Planner.TimeLine.DisplayStart := 17;
  Planner.TimeLine.DisplayEnd := 41;
  SetDate(EditDate.Date, False);


pmDay mode is a mode that work with Resources (see the Resources collection) and can display multiple days on the timeline on the left, while pmMultiDay can be used to display one or multiple days in columns in a 24 hour timeline. If you want to display only one day, you need to keep using pmMultiDay and set the Positions to 1

Great thank you , i misunderstood the meaning of pmday

It works , Vielen Dank

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We are really curious to find out what type of application you are building. If you want, you can send us a screenshot (or more) of your application demonstrating the capabilities and the used TMS Components, so we can perhaps write a blog as a showcase. Of course, this is something you need to feel comfortable with. You can send this to info@tmssoftware.com with a link to this blog post if you are interested. Please leave out sensitive information if possible.