Possibilities planner


I’m looking for a way to build a view like the attached images.

We want to show the days and tasks per day vertical and the time horizontal (only 24 hours) as shown in the images in attachment.

In the first attachment the selected resource works on 1 project, in the second on 3 projects.

On the left you have a group per day for the selected amount of days, then in green the projects (1 or more, but 1 per line and than the hours (24) per day. In the timegrid are the items that where planned.

We also need the possibility to show empty lines where no items are planned for the projects.

Is this possible with the TMSFNCPlanner?

Yes, this is possible. You can take a look at the mode pmMultiResourceDay. To provide a starting point take a look at the following code snippet

  TMSFNCPlanner1.OrientationMode := pomHorizontal;
  TMSFNCPlanner1.Mode := pmMultiResDay;
  TMSFNCPlanner1.Positions.Count := 5 * TMSFNCPlanner1.Resources.Count; // 5 days * number of resources
  TMSFNCPlanner1.PositionsAppearance.TopVerticalTextMode := pvtmNone;
  TMSFNCPlanner1.PositionsAppearance.TopSize := 100;