Pinterest Support

Is there any idea of ​​implementing the Pinterest API, especially to posting messages?

We'll consider this for a future version.
Alternatively, you could also descend from class TCloudBase and implement the API in a descending class.

Today I migrate VCL cloud project to FMX cloud project. All right, but when i try to connect to Facebook or Twitter, a blank form appears. I supposed to be a WebBrowser with login screen, but nothing appears. I tried to post this problem in FireMonkey Cloud Forum, but I don't found it.

Can i help me?

On what operating system?

WIndows 8.1. 

Same problem with a TMS Facebook Example.
VCL version work fine.

Did you setup the Chromium webbrowser correct (as described in the manual) ?

no! what manual? 

I only was read TTMSFmxCloudPackDevGuide.pdf and no remember Chromium configuration


ok Bruno, thank you very much!

Bruno, I have the trial version so I will not be able to edit the  FMX.TMSCloudWebBrowser.Win file and use Chromium. I'm right?

This capability is indeed limited to the registered version.