Per minute resolution?

How do I enable per-minute resolution instead of the default 30 mins?

The unit of timeslots can be set with

I want to do like this.

q1. What setting do I set, so that, if the time is 2:10, it shows as 2:10 on the planner instead from 2:00 ?

q2. How do I get per-minute resolution on this Planner?, when visibly, I want to get 1 minute slice when the display unit is per 30 minutes?

Please see attached.

  1. You could do this by setting selecting a 1 minute time slot via Planner.Display.DisplayUnit = 1
    The timeslot size in pixels is set via Planner.Display.DisplayScale

    2) When this is for viewing purposes only, you could also set Planner.DrawPrecise = true and it will draw the items on time basis and not on time slot basis (with large timeslot sizes)