Displayunit and Scale


I'm trying to make a planner for a day, with the precision of 1 minute.
I set Planner1.display.Displayunit= 1, so the user can plan items by the minute, but I want to show 12 hours on the vertical scale (7:0 - 19:00) , all in 1 screen.
so the axis would be like setting Displayunit = 30, but the items must be like Displayunit=1
Is this possible ?
kind regards,
Dirk Janssens. 

Unfortunately this is currently not supported in the IWWebPlanner control.

However, we'll investigate if this feature can be added in a future version.

OK, thanks.

I really hope it will be added, because this way I cannot use it ....
kind regards,

You need to take in account that when you want to display 12 hours with a resolution of 1 minute, the absolute minimum height will be 12*60 = 720 pixels and then there is not even the timeslot border size taken in consideration. Am I right to understand this is what you want?

Maybe I can convince my client that 5 minutes will do also. But yes, it would be very nice if the scale on the axis is indepentend of the display-resolution. (sorry for my bad english)..