Hi there

Im using the TPlanner in Day mode, ie the sidebar lists 0 - 24 hours in 5 min intervals.  Im wanting to show PlannerItems as the 'Actual Time' eg 10:33AM ie not rounded to either 10:30AM or 10:35AM.
I found the property DrawPrecise which seems to allow this functionality.  However, if I have 2 PlannerItems in the same cell ie Overlap, they are shown ontop of each other, and not side by side, as per the Overlap property.
Is it possible to have 2 PlannerItems, both side by side, showing actual start/end times ie no time rounding??

In mode DrawPrecise, this is not supported.
If you need to have resolution of 1 minute, please set Planner.Display.DisplayUnit := 1;