Paypal waiting trought cloud web browser


I did some testing with the Paypal component works like a charm

However I will use the component mainly for mobile devices on iOS/Android so I use also the cloud web browser included in the "cloud tms package" in order to show the default Paypal login webpage.

After I call the "DoPayment" method on the Paypal component how can trace when the Paypal was displayed on the screen with your cloud web browser component, because my user must wait like 2-3 seconds and meanwhile I can show some progress dialogs.

But I need to catch when the Paypal page was already complete on your cloud web browser componente.


You can download the video to see what I need to solve from the next link:


Have you tried using the OnNavigateComplete event?


I recently did but I will not work

Unfortunately other events are currently not supported.
We'll have to investigate if this functionality can be added in a future version.