I'm Having problem with the TTMSFNCCloudPayPal.
In Delphi 11 Alexandria I used TTMSFMXCloudPayPal and it was fine and worked correctly, now with TTMSFNCCloudPayPal in Delphi 12 doesn't work correctly.
After login with PayPal Credential when I clicked on the button to continue with the payment I was redirected on the PayPal homepage Digital Wallets, Money Management, and More | PayPal US. The OnPaymentAccepted event isn't triggered and I can't get the TransactionID .

Can you please make sure you are using a valid Authentication.CallBackURL value?


Detailed information can be found here:

Ok I solved this problem using this URL "" in the Authentication.CallBackURL .
Now the payments work but the WebBrowser is still visible after payment completed and I have to closed it manually.
How Could I close the WebBrowser automatically after payments?

Unfortunately the browser window has to be closed manually. This is a technical limitation.

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