TMSFMXCloudpaypal URLCallback

I'm using the TMSFMXCloudpaypal in my FMX app for Android and IOS. I noticed
that the HTML page specified in the URLCallback propriety is displayed before the OnPaymentAccepted event fires. How can I show this page only after the OnPaymentAccepted event and show something that tells the user that their transaction was successful?


Please note that this behavior is by design. The OnPaymentAccepted event can't be triggered before the browser has navigated to the Callback URL.
You can use the OnPaymentAccepted event to display a message to the user in your application.

Ok so, is there anything I can do to show another web page when the OnPaymentAccepted event fires? Because I see that when the payment is initiated something like a web browser appears but I haven't found how to handle it.

The browser should open the PayPal login screen and handle the payment after successful login. If the payment is accepted, this will trigger the OnPaymentAccepted event in your FMX app. Then you can display a payment confirmation in your FMX app.
There is no need to manually display a web page.