Cloud Pack IOS

I'm using a TTMSFMXCloudDropBox and when i upload or download a file, the events are not triggered, I placed a progressBar on both events.

after a succesfull login to the drop box i call:

CloudDropBox.Upload(nil,GetHomePath + PathDelim + 'Documents' + PathDelim +'MyJPG.jpg');

procedure TFrmMain.CloudDropBoxUploadProgress(Sender: TObject; FileName: string;
  Position, Total: Int64);
  ProgressBar1.Value:=(Position / Total) * 100;

i placed a break point and  never its called.

The file is uploaded correctly

so what is wrong? 

is this a bug?


The upload events are synchronously on iOS and do not trigger a OnUploadProgress,
So you will need to ignore this event, the progress is completed when the upload procedure is finished.
Since the cloud components are ported from VCL Cloud Pack the OnUploadProgress is an event that slipped into the TMS FMX Cloud Pack set.

We still need to investigate if we can add asynchronous upload to our components for iOS.

Kind Regards,