Path variable overflow after install

After installation of any TMS Component Set (VCL or FMX), the PATH variable grows with the route to the installed library (BPL).

If you have to install various TMS Component Set, the PATH variable overflows and unexpected behaviours happens in Windows.

The Solution... after installation of every Component Set, you must go to: System porperties -> Environment Variables -> System variables; and modify PATH variable to eliminate the added route at the end.

I think it is a malfunction and PATH variable must be cleared after installation.

The path that is being added is the path to the .BPL file of our package(s) that we install. We can't just delete this path as the IDE wouldn't find it anymore.

Due to the limited path length in Windows, this occasionally can cause a problem and we think about possible solutions to address this while a 100% safe solution doesn't exist due to how this Windows path variable is implemented.