Path and other environment variables missing

I've been busy installing the latest TMS updates for XE6 as they have been released.  Each new automated installer seems to wipe out the path environment variable and I think a few more.  They are not totally gone because they come back after rebooting the computer.  I started noticing that there were problems because certain shortcuts would no longer work and other "funky" things.  Even XE6 started complaining that paths were missing.  I opened a command prompt and type PATH and nothing came up.  I typed SET and the path was not listed.  I rebooted my computer and everything came back.

At first I thought this was a fluke but for the past 2 days I have installed new TMS updates and each time I've noticed that my PATH was missing following the install.  I am using the automated installer and not the manual method.

I suspect that your environment path is already very long? Do you have many versions of RAD Studio installed on your machine?

No, only XE6.

Yes, it is quite long.  After looking through the whole thing I found a bunch of entries for an old VCL folder that was used when I had XE4 installed.  That folder was removed when XE4 was uninstalled.

The path is still quite long.  I guess I'll have to see if this continues to happen now that I have removed those other entries.

Any particular reason for needing to add a path entry for every TMS component?  Why not add the bpl folder to the Library Path in Delphi along with the other 2 paths that are added there?


It makes it easier & more reliable for uninstall control, but given the stupid Windows path length limitation, it is indeed on our todolist to address this in a future version of our installer script.