Can't start compiler after installation of TMS Com

After I installed all packages in the TMS Component Studio, BDS 2006 denies to start because PATH is too long to also load the \program files\borland\bds\4.0\bin string into the path.

The problem obviously arises due to the very long pathnames for all the bpl directories where all the packages are stored for each package.

Anyone having some good idea how to solve that.

My operative system is Windows XP and computer is a Dell Latitude D620.

The simplest one is of course deinstall packages until the system is able to load all path parts, but I find that as a last resort.

Thx, in advance.

We have on all our machines the full range of TMS products installed and thus quite a lot of paths, but we do not see an issue with this here. 

I'm not aware there is a size limitation to the library path of BDS2006. 
If you refer to the system path, you might opt to move all BPLs into a single default output path and by this, decrease the length of your system path.

Yes, I refer to system path, yes.

Guess a move to a common place could solve the problem.