Install BPLs in some common folder


I ran into an interesting problem today.

I installed a new TMS product for Delphi (I use XE2 and XE3) .

When starting Delphi it reported that another TMS product (that had been working) could not be loaded due to a missing BPL file.

Long story short, I tracked it down to my Windows 7 PATH length exceeding the max allowed, as a result of the TMS installation adding to the PATH and pushing the length over the limit.

One change that would help control the length would be to install all TMS BPLs into a common folder rather then a folder for each product.

This is what I ended up doing and it seems to work fine.

At least the installer should detect this path length problem and handle it in some way, perhaps either refusing to install or display a warning.

Thanks for listening.

We'll discuss this here and consider it when doing a revision of the installers.