Parentheses in colum names


we have a problem concerning column names and placholders in the excel file. One of our customer has a column named "Material (short)" and an error occures during report generation that says "missing parenthesis on formula....". The placeholder looks like "<#Table.Material (short)>". I guess FlexCel interprets this placeholder as a formula and recognises a wrong syntax. But it is impossible for us to change the column name. Is there any way to use this column in a placeholder?

Thanks in advance

The issue is that FlexCel interprets parenthesis () as a function call. This was a known issue, but we didn't really put much priority on it since most (sane) tables don't have parenthesis in column names. And you could always workaround it by using something like Select "Material (short)" as MaterialShort from table.

But well, I looked at the code and it was simple to add this special case. We have fixed it internally already. Please send me an email to mentioning your registration email and I will send you the updated FlexCel.

Thank you for your help, it works now.