Error at PDF creation

Hello Adrian,

we are getting an exception at pdf creation. Our customer has designed a template and wants to create a pdf report. Excel report creation works fine but pdf creation throws following error:

Invalid column index: "0"

at FlexCel.Core.FlxMessages.ThrowException(FlxErr ResName, Object[] args)
   at FlexCel.XlsAdapter.XlsFile.MakeVariable(Int32 IsReadonly)
   at FlexCel.XlsAdapter.XlsFile.GetColHidden(Int32 col)
   at FlexCel.Render.ViewInput.Before(Int32 IsNestedFamily)
   at FlexCel.Render.ViewInput.SetLimit()
   at FlexCel.Render.ViewInput.get_ValueInt()
   at FlexCel.Render.ViewInput.LoadState(TXlsCellRange Asserted)
   at FlexCel.Render.FlexCelPdfExport.TotalPagesInSheet()
   at FlexCel.Render.FlexCelPdfExport.ExportAllVisibleSheets(Boolean resetPageNumberOnEachSheet, String bookmarkName)

We are using FlexCel and we never experienced that kind of error before. We are using

PdfExport.ExportAllVisibleSheets(false, "Sheet");

in order to create a pdf file.

If you want i can send you the customer template file.

Kind regards
Christian Sack

Sorry for the typo in the version. We are using


I am not sure on why this could be happening. From what I see, it might be some wrong value in the print area, but it is hard to say. Can you send me the template and the generated file (the one that gives errors when exporting) to ?


I have sent you en E-mail

Thanks, the bug was identified and fixed. I've sent you a link by email for 6.6.29 which should fix this.

Ok, it works now. Thank you for the fast solution.