Package TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE14.bpl cannot be loaded in C++Builder 11.1

I'm getting this Errors when I start RAD Studio 11.1 (C++Builder, no Delphi):

Fehler beim Starten von RAD Studio 11.1:
C:\Users\Public\Docum...\TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE14.bpl kann nicht geladen werden.
Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.
Soll dieses Package beim nächsten Laden des Projekts geladen werden?
also for these Packages:

What went wrong?


Send via private email or direct messaging the installer generated log file under the folder c:\users\USERNAME\AppData\local\tmssoftware for TMS VCL UI Pack so we can inspect what exactly went wrong on your machine during install.

Reason was that my Win32 library path has gone corrupt through some circumstances (I remember of some GetIt Packages which I have installed, and some, which I have deinstalled). Thank's to Bruno Fierens for the hints.

Because I had no backup of these settings I decided to uninstall and install C++ Builder 11.1 again.

That worked! Now a can install TMS Packages like I have done in the past.

Thank's a lot.


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