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I have a TTMSFNCWebSocketServer running as a Windows Service on a machine. It broadcasts to all client some text every second.

From a vcl client I can successfully connect to my SocketServer service (UseSSL is False) like this:

  wsClient.HostName := 'tdwos';
  wsClient.Port := 8888;
  wsClient.PathName := 'callback';
  wsClient.Active := true;

The above works just fine and as expected.

Now, I'm trying to connect from a webclient using javascript, like this:

let ws = new WebSocket("ws://tdwos:8888/callback");

This on the other hand does not seem to work. Gives 404 error on handshake.

I understand that this is not a javascript support forum, but may I still ask if what I'm doing should be possible?


This was actually a small issue in the TTMSFNCWebSocketServer. We applied a fix which will be available with the next update.

Nice! Thank you.
Any estimate when next release will be available?

The changes made into today's release. Can you try the JavaScript connection again?

I can confirm that it now works from a JavaScript connection.
Thank you.

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