I've seen in Webcore there is a TWebSocketClient component.

We need a Web Socket Client component to work with Delphi Services to connect with ws and wss services.
We have been testing "IPWorks Web Socket Server 2020 Delphi Edition" from "/n Software" and works perfect.

There is a component like this in TMS to work from Delphi Service or Desktop?

Thanks !

In the folder of the FNC / Chat demo, there is also source code for the server part. This uses standard Delphi included Indy components.

I downloaded FNC / Chart (because I don't find "Chat") and there is no demo using Sockets and Indy components.
Where I can find "FNC / Chat demo"?
This is a demo working with Web Socket as a Client?

The demo is in TMS WEB Core distribution under Demo\FNC\Chat