FNCWebSocket Some problems with demo apps

I have tried your TMSFNCWebsocket demos.

  1. Chat, Server runs, Webclient runs, Native Client wrong: Socket Error # 10054
  2. GridEdit
    2.1 Service installed: okay. Try start the service: wrong, Message: Dienst "TMSWEB..." wurde auf "lokaler Computer" gestartet und dann angehalten..."
    2.2 WebClient compiled witout errors. But I get then Message: "Zugriffsverletzung bei Adr 6C502074 in Modul 'rtl280.bpl'. Lesen von Adresse FFFFFFF9

Environment: Delphi 11.2, last releases of all components


  1. Could it be that your native client is not properly configured? Is it running through a secure context? In that case you'll need the necessary OpenSSL libraries.

2.1 What are your steps to install the service?
2.2. We cannot reproduce this. Are there any more steps? Is this consistently happening for you?