No overlap of items

I wanted to ask, if there is a way to have no overlapping items, when the items do not have overlapping times, but the display units are bigger than 1 minute.

For example I have a timeline sidebar on the top that shows a column for each 15 minutes. Then I have 2 Items. One starts at 09:00 and ends at 09:37. The second starts at 09:38 and ends at 10:00.
In reality there is no overlapping, but the planner shows the items overlapping. I have to go down with the units to 1 minute, to get it work, but that is a huge problem for the performance. It slows the system down a lot.
So is there something to get this done or at least some kind of a workaround?

Overlap calculation in the VCL Planner is based on timeslots, i.e. if you have 15min timeslots, it will consider everything in this 15min timeslot as overlapping.
Our TMS FNC Planner overlap calculation is based on exact start/end time, independent from timeslot size, so this could be considered.

Thank you so much for pointing me to the FNC Planner. I will try it with the trial and if it works, I will buy it. Will take a look at the bundle if there are more components of interest for me.

Just about to try out the FNC Planner. I cannot find the property where I can set the timeline to the top. I would need the timeline on the top and the positions on the left.

Please set FNCPlanner.OrientationMode = pomHorizontal

Thank you, that works. Just another question. There is no timeline mode. Which mode is best to use, if you want to have a timeline that represents between 1 to 10 days (changable during runtime) and have the units set to hours or couple of minutes, depending on how many days are selected to display?

It should look like the Mode "day", but should be up to 10 days and for example in 15minute steps if 1 day is displayed and 2hours steps, if 10 days are displayed.

I think best would be to use DayPoriod. Am I right?

DayPeriod can be used, but may I ask to move FNC Planner related questions to the FNC specific forum so that my colleague sees this and can also follow up?

Thanks and sorry. Did not realise, there is another forum. Will post my questions there.