placing Planeritems in Period mode


DBPlanner in Dayperiod Mode.
If the several items belong to the same day, they will be placed from left to right by default.
Is it possble to change the order so the PlannerItems will be shown from top to bottom?

thanks in advance!

Sorry, it is not possible to show this from top to bottom. Like in Microsoft Outlook, overlapping items are shown side by side.

Hello Bruno,

but the items are not overlapped - we do have several items daily (10-15) each 15-30 min long and always 15 min between them.

Then you should consider a mode different from plDayPeriod as in this mode, a timeslot unit is a day and irrespective of the time these items do overlap on a day basis. You might consider the timeline mode.

OK, thanks, it works :)