Items exceeding certain duration not displayed

Hello again,

I encountered a small problem concerning vanishing Items:
I am using the DB-Planner in Day-Mode to display either a single day or up to a single week by using 1 or multiple positions.
Apparently when I change the duration of a visible Item to exceed 24 hours, it immediately isn't displayed anymore.
As soon as I change the duration to 24 hours or less, it appears again.
For example:
With only a single day displayed I've got an Item that starts at 08:00 and has an effective duration of 24 hours -> Item is displayed from 08:00 up to 24:00 and marked with the blue chevrons to signal, that it exceeds the displayed timeline.
When I then edit the Item and change the endtime in such a way that it effectively gains a duration of 25 hours or anything more than a day, the Item immediately isn't shown anymore after updating.
When I manipulate the data from somewhere else to change the duration back to a day or less, it immediately is shown again after updating,

Also, in the case of it exceeding a single day while displaying a week, the Item is only displayed up to the end of day on which it starts and is marked with the blue chevrons, but doesn't reach over into the next day.

I thought it quite likely that I maybe missed some crucial settings or mechanism but couldn't find a hint in the manual concerning what that might be, so here I am.

Do you enable the space for items in the header in the Planner (Planner.Header.ItemHeight) as by default such items spanning more than 1 day on a 24hr time axis would appear in the header.

That might actually be the problem then, because I am not displaying Items in the Header.

Is this the only way to handle >24h - Items or can they also be displayed overlapping several days in the normal timeline?

At this moment, multi-day events are displayed in the header.
Alternatively , you could consider our TMSFNCPlanner that can display multi-day events in multiple columns along the time-axis.


I don't have a general problem with displaying multi-day-events in the header, however owing to the design I am using the planner for I have to consider the amount of space taken by the header.
If I allow it to autosize and fill the planner with a lot of multi-day-events, the header uses quite a lot of space, which I cannot really afford.
If I activate Header.AllowResize, that only allows me to change the width, not the height, which would have been an adequate solution for me.
Is there a way to limit the space of the header while simultanously allow the user to see all events displayed there, when needed, for example similar to the feature in the Monthview, which allows you to limit the number of items displayed and then automatically provides you with a scroll-arrows to access the others?

A scrollbar in the header is currently not built-in. You could have a switch to allow the user to switch between a large & small header?