No fields found


I am using WebCore 2.3.0.

I have TWebClientConnection with TWebClientDataSet, the fields are defined in the fields editor. When the server returns an empty json array, I get No fields found exception.

How to deal with this scenario? In some cases there are no rows to return, I need to detect it or have an empty TWebClientDataSet open.

I cannot add the fields at run time as there are many fields and I want to use the fields editor and also the columns editor of TWebDBGrid.
Some fields have may have properties that I set from the IDE.

object ClientConnection: TWebClientConnection
Active = False
DataNode = 'rows'
Delimiter = ';'
URI = 'http://localhost:8200/api/?cmd=system.test2'
Left = 80
Top = 40
object ClientDataSet: TWebClientDataSet
Connection = ClientConnection
Params = <>
Left = 80
Top = 96
object ClientDataSetpk: TIntegerField
FieldName = 'pk'
object ClientDataSetvalue: TStringField
FieldName = 'value'
Size = 256
object DataSource: TWebDataSource
DataSet = ClientDataSet
Left = 80
Top = 168

Uncaught [object Object] | FMessage::No fields found FHelpContext::0 FJSError::Error: No fields found FStack::Error: No fields found at Object.Create$1 (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:3431:23) at c.$create (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:337:19) at Object.InternalInitFieldDefs (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:82755:69) at Object.InternalInitFieldDefs (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:83911:62) at Object.InternalOpen (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:82682:12) at Object.DoInternalOpen (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:61004:12) at Object.OpenCursor (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:61826:68) at Object.SetActive (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:61859:18) at Object.SetActive (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:83948:33) at Object.Open (http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js:62603:12)
at http://localhost:8000/Project1/Project1.js [263:50]

Can you please use the latest version v2.5.3.0 as we did improvements to handle responses with empty arrays