Error loading TWebClientDataSet

An error occurs when I try to assign the WebClientDataSet a set of records where the first line contains a field equal to null. The command is WebCientDataSet1.Rows: = JS.ToArray (TJSJson.parse (AResponse));
If the null field is after the first line, the problem does not occur.
Browse error message: WebClientDataSet1: Field not found.
Note: Fields were created at design time

Is this with the latest version of TMS WEB Core?
So far, I could not see a reason for this nor reproduce this with the latest version.
From our code, we also do not have any error message "field not found", so not sure where this error message comes from. Did you add such message somewhere in your code?

Hello, I think the problem occurs with fields created at design mode. When the application runs it doesn't create the fields

I had a similar problem with 1.4.2 version, but I found a solution

Take a look at

Perhaps you can solve your problem

Hello Bruno,
I use version
The message is not implemented in my project.
I sent the project to
See mainform.pas source line 153

Hello @Walter_Javier_CepellottI

Thanks for the sugestion!
I haven't tested your suggestion, but I think it works.
In the meantime, I will await an official response from TMS.

Complemento is a TStringField and you try to load a JavaScript null value into this TStringField.
This isn't supported. null values cannot be used for string fields. Please return this in JSON as "" for empty strings.

Thanks Bruno,
It would be dangerous to change the json traffic rules on the server. I will make the option to create TWebClientDataSet fields at runtime. In this way, the error message does not occur.

I'm seeing a similar problem for a Boolean field with null values. Can null values be used for TBooleanField?

In Object Pascal, null isn't parsed to a bool true or false.