No fields found | fMessage::No fields...

Hi ,

as subject, i got this error No fields found | fMessage::No fields found fHelpContext::0

and my code that triggered the above error was found during debugging ,

      // **Prepare selection table
      var data_tableselection ;
      data_tableselection = [{"id":0, "name":"","qty1":1.99,"qty":1,"act_type":"","doc_type":"","our_ref_no":"","your_ref_no":""}];
      _data = JSON.stringify(data_tableselection) ;
   end ;

   if not then begin  //only initialize if not active.
     self.tableSelection.Rows := TJSArray(TJSJSON.parseObject(_data));
     self.tableSelection.Open; //<====== it throw error after execute open 
     self.tableSelection.delete ; //delete the only initialized record.
   end ;

my delphi is version 10.3.2 and the TMS Webcore is version
please advice, thanks.

FYI , it looks like my next table which is similar to the above that used to work, when i code like what was mentioned above , but now , it throw error ! 

      var data_queue_log ;
      data_queue_log = [{"id":0,"date_created":"12/07/2019 14:05:02","res_id":0,"model_name":"nil","temp_id":"nil","temp_id_keyfields":"nil","process_type":"nil","jsonobj_str":"{}"}];
      _data = JSON.stringify(data_queue_log) ;
   end ;

   if not then begin  //only initialize if not active.
     self.tableQueue_log.Rows := TJSArray(TJSJSON.parseObject(_data));
     self.tableQueue_log.Open; //<<==== here it will trigger the similar No fields found error !
     //self.tableQueue_log.delete ; //delete the only initialized record.
   end ;

Now i stuck , please advice.

Is the returned dataset an empty JSON array?

Please check with the latest version where we applied a change for this specific case.

Hi Bruno, 

after applied the latest , still facing the same issues, not sure you have looked at my code,
there are quite a lot of my code used 

     table.Rows := TJSArray(TJSJSON.parseObject(_data));

where i passed in the _data json string data as the one showed in my previous message,
but somehow it just do not work any more, please assist thanks.

the image of my console ,

It is because there have been no FieldDefs added in the dataset. The dataset has become more strict about it. We have added a solution to make it backwards compatible though that will be included in the next update.

Hi, if the next version is not having any tentative release date, is there any temporary solutions, i.e. patching the code so i can carry on with my development? I have used above codes in a lot of my forms and will not be possible to change one by one, please advice? thanks.

You can send an email for getting an incremental source update.