TWebClientDataSet: ERROR: "No Fields not found"


If the JSON response contains no data (no field information and values), the error message appears: "No Fields found". If no empty answer is returned, everything works fine. It doesn't matter whether the fields were created at design time or automatically at runtime.

The same application works without problems under WebCore

We have been able to locate an issue when the JSON returns an empty dataset and fielddefs were not programmatically initialized.
We have applied a fix and we will release an update shortly.

The problem with the empty dataset is also present in version The uninstallation may not uninstall all files. What do I have to consider?

Thanks Frank

Force an uninstall from the Windows Control Panel. Make sure all TMS WEB Core *bpl files are removed. Verify that after uninstall, TMS WEB Core is no longer visible in Delphi (under Help, About)
After a full uninstall, perform a new clean install.