New version of components crashes IDE

After several years we decided to upgrade versions of TMS Async and TMS VCL UI Pack components. To test new versions I installed trial versions on June 9 2021. Everything was fine so this week we decided to finally buy new versions. I uninstalled trial versions and installed commercial versions. Now when I open some forms in my project IDE crashes with message Abnormal program termination. Unfortunately there is no option to download older versions of products. We can only downgrade to trial versions for which we have offline copies.

Good message. Problem was resolved after recompiling our own component pack which is dependent on TMS Component Pack or in this case TMS VCL UI Pack. Probably the instance which is run by IDE uses dynamic linking and there was some compatibility issue. Maybe this hint will help others. I found the issue after connecting to RAD Studio IDE with second instance of IDE.

If there are custom packages you have that depend on TMS packages, it is indeed required to recompile these packages when you install updated TMS packages.