New FNC Maps


Todat there is a new version of FNC Maps.
Thus I tried to install it after to install the FNC core as well.

However, I received this message


TMS FNC Core was updated first, then afterwards TMS FNC Maps, did you download and install both? TMS FNC Core is version 2.6 and TMS FNC Maps is version 2.0


Yes I downloaded both from my space, and installed first fnc core and after the fnc map. It is during the maps installation that this window appears

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That's strange, we have tested everything here and couldn't reproduce this issue. Can you uninstall everything, redownload directly from the My Products page, and then try again?

I did it.

First I uninstall FNC Core and FNC Maps.
Second, Downloaded these to file again.
Third, install successively FNC Core and MAPS

And now installations work well; I don't know whats happend yesterday

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Could be possible that the download was flagged as a new version, but the upload was still ongoing which could be the reason. Thanks for the feedback!

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