Insatllation PB !


I Have to reinstall Rad studio (to move from 11.1 to 11.2 Academic version)

  • For FNC componant :
  • I installed the FNC Core and tried to install FNC Chart : it is impossible. I requested Core version ??

a solution ?

Is it possible to get the version in order to continue my work ?

Please explain: "impossible". Do you get an error message during installation? The latest versions of both TMS FNC Chart & TMS FNC Core should be compatible.

and thanks for you quick answer

I received this message when I tried to install FNC Chart or FNC Map.

Is it help you ?


Did you download the latest versions of both TMS FNC Chart & TMS FNC Maps from the website?


I did it from the TMS subscription manager and every seems correct

with the last version of the components

A new info :
I can install FNC dashboard only

TMS FNC Chart should be compatible with TMS FNC Core If TMS FNC Chart is pointing to you are not installing but an older version. Please verify the version number when running the installer. You can see this in the first screen after running the setup.

You are right

I deleted all install files contained into the Subscription Manager directory, and downlowd the last version, and now the installation is perfect :slight_smile:


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