NavBar, no scrollbars in Android

Component: TMS Pack for Firemoney v2.9.1.3 

Hi, and thank you for this component. I am using the NavBar componet (left pane) in conjunction with a FMXgrid (right pane) in my project. I use the NavBar to navigate through 5 levels of TListbox's. 5 tlistbox's. Basically, a drill-down query:

Where, list1 filters for list 2, filters for list 3, filters for list 4, filters for list 5, and finally show the results in the FMXgrid.

In list4, there are many records (rows) of data for the user to select in order to drill down to list5.  And under the win32 platform, there is a vertical scrollbar.  However, when I compile for the Android platform, list4 does not show a scrollbar. And, I was unable to navigate (scroll up/down) in the list past the last row in that NavBar's window view (about 17 rows) for that list control. 

I am not sure if this is a bug on the mobile platform side, or whether it applies only to the android platform and/or iOS platform (I did not try the iOS because I am not set up for it at this time).

In either event, can this be looked into, as a fix or added, for the NavBar component when compiling for the mobile platforms ?

Thank you.


There is currently no scrolling support included (we have added this on our feature request list), but you could set a minimum height to the navbar (= the amount of rows * a default height) and place it inside a scrollbox.

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