ScrollMenu problem


ScrollMenu is really nice but my problem is that on mobile devices (especially with small screens) I cannot see all items, so it is useless this way.

For example is the menu items are "First item","Second item","Third item","Fourth item","Fifth item","Sixts item"  then on a mobile phone only "First item","Second item","Third item" can be seen.

Is there a workaround this?

Thank you in advance!


I'm not sure which component you are referring to here.
Can you please specify the exact name of the component so I can further investigate this?


The component name is TTMSFMXScrollMenu and it is in the FMX.TMSScrollMenu unit.

Thank you.


The TTMSFMXScrollMenu can be scrolled by dragging the finger on top of the items, to visualize the other non-visual items.

Pieter Scheldeman2019-02-11 11:03:50

Thank you!