TMSFMXRichEditor Scrollbar

We are using the TMSFMXRichEditor with this code:

This works great, but we have one issue with this component.
When it is a long text (rtf), the box is to small and a scrollbar appears. Which is the good part off course :-)

But the scrollbar is a very small one, and it's very difficult to move it down and up.
Is there a possibility to make it larger (thicker) so the user can scroll easier?


Is this Windows? Mac? iOS? Android?

This is on Android.

The version of Android is 4.4.2.

TTMSFMXRichEditor makes the scrollbars accessible via

TTMSFMXRichEditor.HorizontalScrollBar and these are standard FireMonkey scrollbars, so you'd need to override its style to adapt their appearance.


I was looking for Scrollbars, didn't think at the Horz and Vert.