is it possible to get "Code Insight" without IDEEngine. I build a script-editor and have to organize the visible scripts myself. I need TabControls also, but in different topics. IDEEngine has only one TabControl for all Scripts (Units).

I tryed the whole night with TatScripter, TScrMemo and TatMemoInterface. It woks, but there was no "Code Insight".

MyScriptEditor is NOT running the script (only edit and compile for syntax check), all Scripts are called by Mainprogram.



Not sure what you did you try exactly because you didn't post any code, but at a lower level you have the TScripterCodeInsight class available in atScript unit. You create it passing one script (TatScript object) and then use its methods to retrieve a code completion list or parameter hint. 
You can also check code in IDEMain unit, most specifically the methods TIDEEngine.GetAutoCompletionListIndex and TIDEMemo.DoGetAutoCompletionListIndex


OK, I looked at IDEMain unit and build some methods like there. Now I have CodeInsight with one TatScrpter and one TScrMemo. Until yet, it works well.