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Hello TMS Team,

on your pure JavaScript example any App-Callback-Url is used regardless of the setting in This is quite comfortable because I can have several apps that use the same tables.
So I can use VCL-Applications and pure JavaScript applications even in parallel and the Callback-Url in does not affect them in any way.

With WebCore I learned, that App.CallBackUrl and CallBackUrl must be exactly the same to the point.

What is the proposed way in WebCore to also create multiple apps that use the same tables ?
Thanks/Regards, Tom


The CallBackUrl limitation in WebCore is designed for security reasons.
Unfortunately it's currently not supported to assign multiple callback urls in This is a new feature that is planned for a future update.

Possible workarounds for multiple WebCore applications are:
- An access token is not associated with a specific callback url. If your app doesn't require user authentication, you can use an existing access token in multiple applications.  
- You can also try creating an extra account that has a different callback url configured and then share the required table from the master account.
Hello Bart,

thanks - good proposals !
I was able to set the access token in a WebMyCloudData component and connect but not in WebMyCloudDbClientDataset. There's no such property...

How can I do that, I found no way ?

Thanks/Regards, Tom

Hi Tom,

The AccessToken property is currently only available in TWebMyCloudData.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding it to TWebMyCloudDbClientDataSet as well.
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