WebmyCloudData and WebMyCloudDbClientDataset seem to download all data of a given table.
Serverside filtering is not possible ?

Am I right here ?

Thanks/Regards, Tom


This is indeed currently not supported in TWebMyCloudData or TWebMyCloudDbClientDataset.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding filter options in the future.

As a possible alternative you could try using the TTMSFNCMyCloudData component from the TMS FNC Cloud Pack which does support adding filters.
Hello Bart,
TTMSFNCMyCloudData seems indeed to work fine for my needs. I even was able to download and show an Image that is stored in a Blob field,
But nothing I tried with uploading pictures works.

I found entity.Blob['PICTURE'].LoadFromFile(f) but do not know how to deal with TMSFNCUtilsFile.

Also I tried
TMSFNCCloudMyCloudData1.Upload(TMSFNCCloudMyCloudData1.TableId, entity.IntID, 'PICTURE', LStream);

But here I'm not able to create the stream from an Image or local file...

Could you please tell me how to upload a Picture to a Blob-Field ?

Thanks/Regards, Tom

Can you please try using the following sample?

class procedure DoFileLoaded(const AFile: TTMSFNCUtilsFile);
  MyCloudData.Upload(MyCloudData.TableId, entity.IntID, 'PICTURE', AFile);

  if WebFilePicker.Files.Count > 0 then
    TTMSFNCUtils.LoadFile(WebFilePicker.Files[0].FileObject, @DoFileLoaded);
Hi Barth,
wow - great - it works like a charm !

FNC Cloud Pack is really great !

Thanks/Regards, Tom

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for confirming the issue was resolved and your nice comments!