mycloudData from Local PC, design time

From what I understood, myCloudData can be used to connect at design time in the IDE just as if it was a local database. Question #1, Is it so?
I have been trying to connect to my database, of course I don't have yet a public domain app for this, only the local computer. I do have an internet server though, unrelated to the program am starting with myCloudData. Question 2, can I use just any address as callback url? I will not have any connection to it when am in my local development computer.

Did you check the article

that introduces the TAdvmyCloudDataDataSet for access via a TDataSet interface?
For the callback, when youuse this on a desktop machine with a local application, use the localhost and make sure the callback URL you setup in the client component is exactly the same as the one defined in your myCloudData account.

Yes, but the article you mention is for VCL. Am working with the TMS WebCore components, with the idea of developing in my local machine, and when is ready copy to my customer's webserver just as any other web page.
As I said, the web server is unrelated (better said, not connected) to my developer local machine in any way. It will be just the final destination of the application.

Sorry, the subject "myclouddata from local PC" set me on the wrong foot.
When you use TMS WEB Core first from a local machine, your web application will typically run from localhost and then you need to configure the callback URL in myCloudData as localhost URL. When you deploy your application to a webserver at some specific domain, you'd need to change the callback URL in myCloudData to the final URL.