MPMoviePlayer SourceType

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Would it be possible to have a sample using a stream

   "TTMSFMXNativeMPMoviePlayerViewControllerSourceType.stMovieSourceTypeStreaming "

to play a movie ?

What event should be used to add additional data ?

I would like to read a stream in a loop from a data server  (in a thread)

and feed the MoviePlayer with this data as it is read.

Is this possible with TMSFMXNativeMPMoviePlayerViewController ?

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You only need to specify an URL from where the file is located (example MP4), the movie player will automatically perform streaming.

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i tried to play a Stream from a Wowza Server ... so i used this URL :

I used the Movie-demo and i get this Error Message in Debugger :

Im Projekt dyld_sim ist eine Exception der Klasse EObjectiveC mit der Meldung 'ObjectiveC-Klasse MPMoviePlayerViewController wurde nicht gefunden' aufgetreten.

This says that objectiveC-Class MPMoviePlayerViewController is not found.

There is no possible Hit in Google :-( do you know something about that problem ?



We are unaware of any issues with this component, and the class should exist:

Which iOS version are you using?

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Pieter Scheldeman2015-11-16 08:39:09

I Use IOS 9.1 ,,,