The example TMSFNCWXVideoPlayerDemo cannot be compiled

The FNCWXVideoPlayer examples (VCL, FMX) cannot be compiled because they have obviously been adapted and not tested enough.


VCL example:

procedure TMSFNCWXVideoPlayer1Error(Sender: TObject;
      Error: TTMSFNCWXVideoPlayerMediaError);

correct would be
--> Error: TTMSFNCWXMediaPlayerMediaError);

I personally find such long name structures difficult to read and error-prone. Why not simply
MediaError ?

A regression slipped in when introducing the audio player.
We'll fix this.

Sounds good.

Is it possible that the VCL player itself is also defective?
At least the corrected VCL Player example doesn't work, it just shows black content. My own project doesn't work anymore either.


We have detected an underlying browser issue in TMS FNC Core which is meanwhile fixed. Next version of TMS FNC Core will address this issue. I have sent an incremental source update via private message.

I have installed the fix and the player works.

Many thanks :-)

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