TTMSFNCWXVideoPlayer doesn't play High Resolution Videos ( mp4 )

Video Loads
Sound works
Video is white Screen

Same File in lower resolution works fine.

By the way, Support for 3D Videos should be nice :slight_smile:


What resolution are you using? Or perhaps can you provide a sample video that we can check this with?

Video: HVC1 7260x3630 59.94fps 39988kbps [V: hevc main 10, yuv420p10le, 7260x3630, 39988 kb/s]
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 335kbps [A: SoundHandler (aac lc, 48000 Hz, stereo, 335 kb/s)]

These are 180° [3630x3630] + [3630x3630] Mpeg4 Video Files.
If I use the same file in lower resolution, everything works fine.

File size : 10 GB - 20 GB ;-)

By the way : sound works in every case => video is loaded correctly. Render issue.

When you drop this video in Edge Chromium, is Edge Chromium playing it well?


The Media Player is a Micro Web browser :sunny:

Your assumption, that ...., was right.
Same Effect. No Picture, Sound works as well.

Maybe this helps:

Hi Bruno,

this seems to be a resolution issue. ( lower Resolution worked fine )
I can avoid this when I use lower resolution for the preview.

but there is another problem :smile:

I can't figure out where TRectF is defined. But I think it's general not your idea,
to generate a default BeforeDraw Event Handler with an unrecognized datatype.

regards Wolfgang

Edit : -> System.Types ...

Yes in System.Types