Mouse wheel strange bheavior

Hi to all,

  last advstringgrid version, delphi 10.3.3 grid setted withOption.RowSelect:=True; FixedRowAlways:=True, MouseAction.WheelAction:=waMoveSelection
Add few rows and go up/down with keybard.
When the current row is first/last the scroll is end and the first/last row is highlated.
Same job with mouse whell (up/down) the cursor will going up/down but, when is reached first/last row is missing (semms move one more time up/down).

It's possible there's on option... if yes, can tel me which is?


PS: MouseAction.WheelAction:=waScroll very appreciate !

I'm not sure what exactly you mean.

I tested this with a new grid on the form initialized with:

procedure TForm3.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  advstringgrid1.Options := advstringgrid1.Options + [goRowSelect];
  advstringgrid1.MouseActions.RowSelect := true;
  advstringgrid1.RowCount := 100;

and I cannot see a different behavior between key up/down and mousewheel up/down with respect to navigating to first/last row?

Hi Bruno,

  i made your test and j have no strange behavior to report, all it's ok.
But when i set advstringgrid1.MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelect:=True ... i got the behavior.
With this flag is set to true, with any row number (even  when there's only 1), try to select any row;
The full row is highligthed (because we set goRowSelect), at this point with mousewhell go up/down.
When last/first row is reached (and you continue to muve the whell) the highligthed row go over and remain the full line unselected.
Here you can see in a little screen capture video.

Delphi 10.3.3 Win 10 pro, last UI pack version

Thank's for help

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

Thank's Bruno