Missing so many things...

Try to use Smart Setup 1.0.30 with a fresh install of Delphi 12.1 patch 1 on a new computer.
FNC -> Failed for Mac OS 64, MacOS ARM, Android, iOS, LINUX64
Very neutral components...

logs.zip (320.9 KB)

When you say: "Failed for Mac...", did you mean it did not compile in the other platforms? I have the issue that it only compiles in Win32/64 on my setup.

The linux error (in most components) is because you don't have zlib installed in linux. See FlexCel Linux Guide | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation

TMS FNC Grid Excel Bridge failed because TMS FNC UIPack wasn't installed and it depends in UI pack.

And finally FNC UI Pack didn't install in other platforms than win32/win64 because the issue @Pelletier_Martin1 is mentioning. See Smart Setup 1.0.28 don't install FNC components in android and linux - #6 by Pelletier_Martin1
We've fixed this internally, and the next release will have it fixed.

Thank you for the information, Adran.

Can we have the fix or should we have to install FNC manually ?