MacOS ARM 64 Can't Compile

I'm using the latest FMX and FNC components with Delphi 11.1. Just installed everything from scratch. A new Firemonkey app will not compile for MacOS ARM64 because it can't find any of the units. All the USES entries have red underlines. Works fine for MacOS 64. The library path for MacOS 64 all have the TMS folders listed but the MacOS ARM 64 paths are not present. The installer did not add them. I assume I can manually add them but I feel the installer should have done this for me. Also not sure this will even work.

I also noticed that the TMSPlatforms variable in the code is not including the pidOSXArm64 type so the component palette doesn't indicate the components are available for MacOS ARM 64. Is this going to be fixed in a future update?

Unfortunately due to a technical issue we cannot detect macOS ARM compiler, therefore the library paths are not updated. Please update the library paths manually. There should be no difference in compiling between macOS and macOS ARM. We'll investigate if there is a workaround.

I'm fairly certain that the installer is capable of detecting that the MacOS platform is installed since it was able to add the paths for it. If the Delphi version is 11.x (for sure 11.1) then MacOS ARM is supported and the paths could be added. Not sure where you need to detect ARM specifically since you just need the MacOS platform and v11.x to be present. Just a thought.

Is there some reason that for v11.x or greater that the pidOSXArm64 platform code is not included in the components when pidOSX64 is?

I'm not a component developer so I'm sure there's a good reason. The path issue seems to me to be something that needs to be addressed quickly. With Apple going all in on ARM Macs now, devs are going to want to build universal apps. Requiring users to have to manually enter paths for ARM specifically isn't the best user experience.

Anyway, love your products. Been a customer for 20+ years and will continue to be. Thanks for all you do!

It's a matter of allocating resources to handle this. We'll look into this as soon as time permits.