Minimum Steps to connect a TableView to a TDataSet


I am a Delphi programmer with 15 years experience (including probably 10 years programming with TMS components in VCL) but relatively new to FMX and struggling to understand Live Bindings. Searching forums I doubt I am the only one.

I read through the thread by Brian Wheatley on Live Binding a TMS Table View, but perhaps need a simpler example. Given a TDataSet descendent with fields set up in it (I have three fields in mine) and a TTMSFMXTableView, what the are minimum steps to establish a LiveBinding between them and access the column properties in the TableView?

In my familiar VCL world this was trivially easy. Add a TDataSource. Connect the TDataSource to the table or query component. Go to the table and specify the TDataSource. Create column properties.

What are the live binding equivalent steps?
I did not find them in the TMS FMX UI Pack DEVELOPERS GUIDE, and I have been reading forums and searching for the answer and am posting now after about 4 hours of looking.



The Documentation explains this starting from page 172

Greetings, Thank you for your reply. I am attempting to work through the demo on page 172. It is clearer, but I wish it was clearer. It does not give instructions on what to click on and where, it just lists components, many of which are not named the same in Delphi 10 Seattle.

For instance:


"The ClientDataSet is then connected, in combination with a DataSource, to a BindScope, which is needed to bind data to the ListBindings component."

- I do not have a BindScope. I have a TBindSourceDB, which has an identical icon.

- Do I need a TDataSource? When I selected my DevArtSQLLite Query as the DataSet in the BindScope, it specified the DataSource as BindScopeName.SubDataSource.

- Then when I finally get to the screen to connect expressions, I don't see Columns information like on page 174 in the guide. I clicked on new for columns and ended up with something that looks different. I tried a few different ideas, but I am getting an error trying to connect to Caption.

A push would be appreciated.


You have added the expression to the ColFormat, but you need to add the expression to the CellFormat in order to view the data in the TTMSFMXTableView. Included is a sample that demonstrates this.

Thank you. That was the push I needed.