TMSFMXGrid how to use Livebindings?


I am a newbie with Tms.
I could livebind TMSFMXLiveGrid with a datasource but I couldn't do this with TMSFMXGrid.
There wasn't even the * sign at the TMSFMXGrid as with other components.

Can you please describe the process?

Thank you very much.

TMSFMXLiveGrid was designed to be used with live-bindings, TTMSFMXGrid was not designed to be used with livebindings.

Thank you for the answer.

I wanted to use TTMSFMXGrid because the manual wrote at TMSFMXLiveGrid that Sorting, grouping and filtering on this grid directly are not supported.

Cannot TTMSFMXGrid be connected to a dataset at all then? Then what is the use of it, to load csv files in it?

Thank you very much.