Miletus on Raspberry Pi

On what version of Raspberry Miletus applications can work ? I'm testing with a terminal equiped with CM4 and Raspbian 32bits but no way to run any program generated with TMS Web Core version


We did all our testing on Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 with the Raspberry OS. Not sure what exact version of Raspbian you are using. I'd recommend to use the latest release.
Also, did you follow the instructions in the doc to install the webkit library?

I have followed the instruction in the doc to install webkit library.
I'm using the latest Debian version.
In the file manager, when I double click on the program (ToDoList) nothing happend. If I try with the command line, I got the error message: Error while loading shared libraries: canno't open shared object file: no such file or Directory.
Any idee ?

Can you try:

apt-get install packagekit-gtk3-module

I did it but no change. :sleepy:


Where is your gtk3 library located?

ldconfig -p | grep libgtk-3


From that path it seems like you are running on 64bit and not 32bit, is that correct?

In that case, the current Raspberry binary is incompatible with your Raspberry Pi OS installation as the binary is 32bit.

I saw that on my last reply. That is my fault, sorry.I will install a 32bits version of the OS.
Sorry for disturbing you.
(The splash screen of Rasbian display 32bits but in reality it is a 64bits OS).
Have a nice day and, by the way, TMS Web core is a great product.

I have installed the 32bits version of the OS.
Now , when I start the application (ToDoList), a windows white window is shown with the correct title (TMS Miletus...) but an hourglass is turning continusly and nothing more. I can close the window by clicking on the close icon.

Did you install the necessary webkitGTK library?

sudo apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev


Sorry, you are right.

Glad we could get you up and running!