Miletus Demo in WEB Core 2.0

i installed TMS WEB Core 2.0 in RAD Studio 11.1 and tested the Miletus CodeEditor Demo.
After Building the project, the only binary that exists was Win64 Debug,
Then i tested Linux 64 binary on Ubuntu 22.04 (WSL2) on Windows 11. The error on executing the CodeEditor-Demo was: libgobject-2.0 is required to be installed.
If i try to build the Win32-Binary with right-click on the project-browser, the messages in the ide-message window say: all okay:
Erstelle Miletus-Binärdatei ...
But there is no binary to find in my file-system.


It sounds like you are missing the GLib library on your Ubuntu. Miletus applications depend on GTK3 on Linux systems. Can you try to install GTK3 which then should automatically pull the GLib library it depends on?

sudo apt install libgtk-3-0

If you haven't already, install WebKitGTK too.

sudo apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev